Bishop Dr Peter Whitlam (UK)



"Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you did not do for me"

(Matthew 25 v 40 NIV)

Christian Warriors for God

                    This is the official home website the                Worldwide Internet Interdenomnational Church


Christian Warriors for God is the worlds largest internet church.

Using all practicable social media, it  operates in every country of the world delivering evangelism as well a a comprehensive range of support services to Christians.

It is committed to achieving Christ's great commission to make disciples of ALL the world. Our emphasis is global not local, our role combines direct evangelism with facilitating and enabling others.

To make disciples of ALL the world, using technology was the only realistic option, the internet being the prime source.

We use every viable form of social media. This includes Websites, Facebook, Blogs, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram,  Linkedin, Telegraph, IMO, Skype and Zoom.

When conceived in 2016 Christian Warriors for God was originally inspired by the Holy Spirit, in the beginning, it started with 30 members, in almost 5 years the organisation has in excess of 624 million followers. It is still exclusively Spirit-led.

Christian Warriors for God are based in the United Kingdom. The church founder is an evangelical Pentecostal however the church is strictly  interdenominational, where all Christian faiths are welcomed.

Although we have our own internet church, we also have numerous church partners.  In addition we are planting  our own churches in different countries.

Our charitable work is primarily in the third world.

Using best business practice, we are professionally managed. To the business world, we are a little like Amazon, eBay, acting as an enabler and with our comprehensive range of resources we aim to be a one-stop-shop for all aspects of Christian faith.

As an organisation, we are well structured . We have a clear vision. strategies, tactical plans and are organised and operate in a disciplined professional manner embracing concepts like total quality management to ensure both effectiveness and efficiency.

There are no paid partners in the organisation, all who contribute do it for the glory of God.


Using state of the art technology, and leading edge business practices, Christian Warriors for God is leading the world in pushing forward the great commission.

The church is not about seeking revival but bringing about a world revolution for our Lord Jesus Christ.

This requires radical thinking and challenges us  to take on issues that some Christians  would prefer to avoid.

We know that real strength will only come through unity. We believe that working together, only in real partnership is the key.

Our concept of applying partnership  extends to include our partners, their churches and ministries, our sponsors, suppliers and our donors.

Worldwide Pentecostal Federation

The Worldwide Pentecostal Federation is an independent organisation, which aims for unity and to provide a voice  at the table when speaking with traditional faith leaders.

In addition being  a government registered charity it provides additional advantages. Free to join either visit or apply by email to Application takes less that a minute and your church details, membership number and pictures are on the Federation website

Why the Name?

Christian because we are people who follow or adhere to Christianity, based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Warriors because we are in a fight to win souls and must confront evil to be effective.

God because it’s all about Him. He must and always will be our focus.

To Summarise

Conceived through the Holy Spirit, we are organised into 5  large divisions and a smaller division for the management and leadership of the church. Irrespective we are one body of Christ

Christian Warriors for God as a church charity are inter-denominational and we have members, and partners who include Anglican, Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostal and Roman Catholics. We also have many free independent churches.


Our aim to bring people in need, (Christians and non-Christians) to Christ, and those who can help them. Hence, our use of technology is critical.

Primarily we are a virtual enabling church charity, although we also have our own churches planted in numerous countries. We are also still actively engaged with our field missionary work to countries where our partners reside and work at the front end of evangelism.


Recently  the organisation has undertaken major change. A new leader/CEO was appointed Revd Margaret Velez Cruz (USA) The founder Bishop Dr Peter (UK)  moved into a role with much greater pastoral care and visibility.

Due to the rapid speed of growth, the organisation is being restructured on 1st January 2022. Detail can be seen on The Organisation page

The concept of covenanted partners has been embraced, 8 have been appointed. These comprise the church board whose purpose is  to uphold the  integrity of the  church.

The organisation  has been restructured to embrace rapid changes taking place in/through some of our social media suppliers.

The delivery of our own certificated Diploma programme has lead to the first partners becoming ordained. This programme is being redesigned and will be delivered through the Worldwide Pentecostal Federation from 2022


Open/Home Groups (67,421)




1ST World and Country Teams (408 million)


USA State Teams (192,721)




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    Vision Statement

We want to make disciples of Jesus Christ across, and in every corner of the whole world.

We will do this in PARTNERSHIP in a way which maximises the use of all available technology to facilitate a movement of REVOLUTION for Christ.

This will be done in order to follow Christs command and complete the great commission.

Our success will be measured by the distribution and numbers of people who engage through our services in active evangelism.


  • 1

    To work in unity and through partnerships with all those seriously committed to our vision.

  • 2

    To use every conceivable form of technology to engage others across the world.

  • 3

    To provide advice, resources, and support to all partners.

  • 4

    To act as facilitator and enablers for our partners, encouraging them to use self-help in accessing our services.

  • 5

    To actively engage as a church charity through solid Christian evangelism.

Scope of Our Work

Christian Warriors for God aims to provide a one-stop-shop covering all the needs of all Christians. Clearly, our focus is on God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and delivering this through evangelism. 

Christian Warriors cover basics tenants like the Holy Bible, Prayers and Praying and Christian meditation. Widows and Orphans have a special place in the Christian faith, however, we also include youth, the elderly and marriage.

We are interdenominational, meeting the needs of Roman Catholics, the Orthodox Church as well as mainstream Protestantism, including Protestant and reformed churches, Pentecostal, Evangelical, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Calvinist, Adventist, the Salvation Army and others.

We believe in unity and therefore work ONLY in partnership with others. This site describes the various options and benefits of partnership.


Unity and Partnership is the key

We do have non partners (members) and will not turn them away, however what we offer them is limited.

Christian Warriors act essentially as enablers and facilitators making resources available  to all our partners.

Our 792 (approx) different  social media platforms enable us and our partners to promote the word of God across the world.

Partners are encouraged to use all our resources. There are no fees for becoming a partner, admission is simply by meeting our criteria.


Challenges in the church are manyfold we includes the need to confront the persecution of Christians, domestic abuse in Christian homes, mental wellbeing of Christians and problems of Christians living with addiction also Christians in situations of crisis

Our delivery of support is provided through our partners, many of whom are either apostles, evangelists, pastors, reverends, bishops and archbishops. Many hold professional qualifications (medical practitioners, nurses, police officers, mental health specialists) to enable them to provide salient advice.

We are determined to take the fight to the enemy and therefore the issue of conversion to Christianity from Muslims, Hindu or other faiths is paramount.

We support this work through our Introduction to Jesus programme right up into our certified Diploma which may or may not lead to ordination.

Founder’s Welcome Address

Christian Warriors for God