About Us

Statement of Faith

  1. Scripture. The Bible is God’s unique revelation to mankind, the inspired, infallible Word of God. As such, it is the supreme and final authority and without error in what it teaches and affirms. No other writings are vested with such divine authority.
  2. God. There is only one true God. He exists eternally as three persons — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — each fully God yet each personally distinct from the other. God is the creator of everything.
  3. Sin. Everyone, regardless of race, gender, social class, or intellectual ability, is created in God’s image and for communion with God. But because of sin, that communion was broken and all of humanity was separated from God, the source of all life. Because of the fall, everyone deserves God’s judgment.
  4. Salvation. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and God gives salvation and eternal life to those who trust in him. Salvation cannot be earned through personal goodness or human effort. It is a gift that is received by repentance and faith in Christ and his death on the cross and resurrection from the grave.
  5. Christ. Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Trinity, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary — he was God in human flesh. He lived a sinless human life, yet willingly took upon himself our sins by dying in our place and on our behalf. He rose bodily, victorious over death. He ascended to Heaven and is at the right hand of the Father as the believer’s advocate and mediator. Someday, he will return to consummate history and to fulfil the eternal plan of God.
  6. Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity, convicts the world of sin and gives new life to those who trust in Jesus. He indwells all believers and is available to empower them to lead Christ-like lives. The Spirit gives them spiritual gifts with which to serve fellow believers and reach out to a lost and needy world.
  7. Judgment. At the final judgment, unbelievers will be separated from God into condemnation. Believers will be received into God’s loving presence.
  8. The Church. All believers are members of the body of Christ, the one true church universal. Spiritual unity is to be expressed among Christians in fellowship by acceptance and love of one another across ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, national, generational, gender, and denominational lines. Christian Warriors for  God is a church of believers who gather for worship, prayer, instruction, encouragement, mutual accountability, community with each other, and as a witness to the world.


The Founders

Living modestly in the rural Lincolnshire, United Kindom, their home is the HQ for Christian Warriors for God church charity.

Formally called  (Christians and the Developing World) was started by Dr Peter Whitlam on 24th June 2016. (the name changed after the first year following positive market research feedback)


Peter was an acclaimed successful international business management consultant and author who, although being a nominal Christian most of his life, didn't receive the gift of the Holy Spirit till late in life.

The impact on his life was dramatic. Turning his back to the secular world, he turned to missionary work in both Africa and India. He was later ordained into the Pentecostal Church as a Revd.

Living in the  Word

Susan Jane Whitlam and Peter both love the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise, thanksgiving, confession, scripture, and prayer are all daily parts of their lives. Both try to live in God’s Word and listen and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. The couple has five grown-up children, all with their own families scattered in different parts of the UK.

However, both became disillusioned by different local churches issues of hypocrisy and absence of lack of faith without real deeds.

Local churches appeared to focus primarily on their local issues rather than the command to go to the whole world and make disciples. This concern he believed had deviated Christians from the word of God.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit

On a balmy June night in 2016, Peter was engaged in meditative prayer when the Holy Spirit spoke clearly to him. Essentially, he was challenged. "Why are you not following Christ's great commission and going and making he was not going out and making disciples of the whole world"

Initially, he protested saying he was too old for this sort of work, not trained and that there  were better-suited men and women,

Modus Operandi

(How we operate)

  1. We believe in unity of the universal church, therefore we are totally interdenominational.
  2. Although the Founder is Pentecostal, no denominational doctrines will be allowed to dominate us.
  3. Equality is paramount to us. We believe all people are born equal in the eyes of God.
  4. We abhor discrimination is all its forms be it by race, colour, gender or sexual orientation.
  5. We have millions of followers however WE ONLY WORK DIRECTLY WITH PARTNERS
  6. Partnership for us is about equality – it is a two way process, with both sides having expectations of each other.
  7. We insist on partners adhering to our policies and processes. Given our size, without this there would be chaos.
  8. Christian Warriors role is primarily as facilitators and enablers to allow partners to optimise the use of ALL our resources.
  9. We are guided through the Holy Spirit to make wise decisions based on the Word of God.
  10. We set high standards on all who work as partners with us.
  11. Non partner (Members( are encouraged to use us  however the do not receive any of the benefits of partnership
  12. We operate without fear or favour, malice or ill will..



























The following day God responded to his protests saying “I have spent 50 years preparing you for this, now follow Christ's command"

He and his wife spent many hours in discussions and prayer. Finally, he conceded that he had to do something, yet had no idea what that “something” might be!

Where to Start?

Both realised that the only realistic mechanism would be to use the Internet, yet both were conscious of there being many such groups already in existence and their intentions were not always that clear. Asking God, the answer was simple: ‘Do it differently, make this a global revolution for Christ’.

The Lord commanded Peter to put his hands on his keyboard and follow His instructions. This he did, and although never having made a Facebook group before, he set up a Christian group with 35 members. Peter adds: ‘I admit that when going to bed that night, I prayed Father God I do not really know what I'm doing, let your  Spirit lead me, and I will follow".

Oh, he of little faith.

The Spirit Moved

To their astonishment in the morning, they found 3,437members in the group and by end of the first week that had risen to 8,000. This was validation from the Spirit that they had started to move in the right direction.

By now the presence of the Holy Spirit was strongly upon the couple. Christian Warriors for God was initiated.

The History of Growth

During the past five years, the organisation has grown at a phenomenal rate.

From a single Facebook group, it now has almost 600. From 35  members in the first Facebook group, in January 2021 it recorded 624 million followers.

Begining with Facebook, Christian Warriors for God slowly added all varieties of social media. This included  Utube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype and Zoom. Two additional Blogs complemented the portfolio.

Websites came and went (built by Peter) until recently he acknowledged that God must have the very best, we can give him.

He employed the professional design team at GoDaddy working through WordPress. This was a long and challenging process, however the thought "Our God is Worthy" stuck in his mind.

From Amateurs to Professionals

During the five years as the organisation grew, with his background, he realised that he was leading a business, so he introduced good practice from the business world to optimise performance.

Peter was elevated to Bishop in recognition of his work enabling evangelism on such a large worldwide organised scale.

People came and went, some for a reason, some for a season. Thankfully many of those who joined in 2016 are still strongly working for the Lord.

The devil threw everything at Christian Warriors for God. Technologies let us down, sites were hacked, Peter had a serious illness, scammers came frequently, but with God, Peter knew he couldn’t be beaten by Satan.

Massive change has led us to where we are today, a stable, well-structured organisation working in unity for the glory of God.

Praise His Holy name!