Code of Conduct

Why Do We Need Rules?

It is unfortunate that groups of Christians (usually a small number) consistently flaunt the rules, hence the majority have to suffer for the actions of the few.

Experience over 5 years has taught us that adherence to these rules must be strictly applied.

Posts or comments that get through our initial scrutiny, will be removed in our daily checks (we have about 100 Admins and Moderators).

In these circumstances the post and author are deleted from the group. Those persons continually and deliberately ignoring the rules when caught doing the same in other groups, will be blocked from all sites and their details will be posted on the internet to make our other brothers and sisters of Christ aware of their conduct.

1) When joining some groups, you may be asked questions and/or if you agreed with the rules. You must answer all questions required fully and honestly, or if we can’t identify you from your profile as a being a Christian, and the country where you reside. you may not be approved to join.

2) Obscene, disrespectful, pornographic and anti-Christian posts or behaviour will not be tolerated in any format. However, we do not prevent the rights of all members to express their religious points of views as long as they do not harm the overall wellbeing of the organisation. Discussions on politics should be avoided.

3) We are not a dating site, nor do we allow jobs to be offered, and we do not permit products or services advertising, including jobs and “get rich quick” and other money-making scams. Scamming of any description will result in removal from the organisation, reported to Facebook and if necessary other legal action. Our groups are never permitted for commercial gain.

4) Faith Ministry posts should be placed in the appropriate groups as defined in the group descriptions (About Us) For example prayers into Christians in Prayer, Music in Praise Music scripture in Bible Study. Non-specific posts, or post not directly linked to the title of the group will not be approved or removed. Our Open/Home groups are their suitable place for random posting.

5) Country/US State teams are only for use by the nationals from that country or state. The only exception to this rule are posts from Senior Partner Leaders or partners with the expressed permission of the founder. Where non-national (previously in the group when title changed) apply to post, the Admins and Moderators will use discretion as to whether the post should be approved or deleted. In principle strong non-specific Christian posts will be approved whereas promotional material will not, nor blatantly non-national posts from other countries.

6) The 30 Home Groups are for all general postings. Example: prayers, sermons, bible scripture, personal insight or to promote your own ministry needs, however we do not permit begging, only expressions of need.

7) Videos, Pictures and Praise Music, and Church Services can be placed in Home groups but MUST also be placed in the collective appropriate groups. Members and Partners Pictures, Christian Video, Praise Music, and Christians Worshiping Together. CWFG reserve the right to use anything posted in any of these 4 sites, to be used for our marketing and promotional work.

8) We do not allow others to promote their own churches or organisation other than in our 30 Home groups. Faith ministry and Church Faith Denominations groups are strictly off limits for other churches not of that denomination.

9) Please don't ask for money or sponsorship, as refusal often offends. Christian Warriors for God has a process for gifting, this is to partners only and generally for high contributors who meet our criteria as specified in our UK Registered Charity.

10) Posts will not be permitted unless there is a translation provided in English. No personal details This includes telephone number/WhatsApp, bank details, web links and hypertext links. Neither SHOULD not be included either in posts or comments.

11) Members must not message other members without their express consent. Neither should they seek to add each other’s friend lists, to their own. This is considered a serious breach of conduct mostly resulting in removal. Likewise, any member or partner personally abusing or any member of our leadership team for doing their duty, will be directly removed from the organisation.

12) The above rules apply to comments as well as actual posts. Any difficulties or concerns about this Code of Conduct or about conduct in a group please report immediately to Bishop Dr Peter (in confidentiality) at He will investigate and take whatever action is required.