1st World and Country Teams


Christian Warriors for God covers every country/territory in the world. In total there are in excess of 237 country teams. These teams are unique in so much as we only allow nationals from their own country to join their own country teams. They are not allowed to join any other country teams.

Our rationale for this is that countries and cultures mostly wish to engage with others from similar backgrounds. Before we developed this approach, we found many third-world countries overwhelming first-world country teams.

This was problematic. The only exception to this rule of nationals only are countries that are defined as the world top 50 Christian persecuted countries. Christs rationale here is "to feed my sheep"


Obviously, although English is our corporate language in-country teams, Christians are welcome to use their own language. We do ask for translation to ensure the quality of the posts whilst acknowledging cultural differences.

With 237 countries, it is impractical to provide links to them all, therefore this page shows 20% of available countries (30) to illustrate the scope and breadth of our provision. These are listed below in alphabetical order.


Please Note

At the current time, we are seeking to appoint Country Ambassadors Leaders to look after 12 -18 (mixed)  countries of the world, Consequently, at this time all countries are managed through our Leader - Revd Margaret.

1st World Countries

This is a group of the world's top-rated 100 countries identified through 3 criteria (1) Size of Population (2) Average Income (3) % of Christians

This is an important Division for us as these countries are also by definition the most prolific donors.

Hence 4 senior partners manage these teams with discipline in line with our Code of Conduct.

Although primarily for nationals there are some specially appointed non-nationals permitted to post in these groups, due to the high level of their Christian contribution.

The United States of America follows this list and all states and groups are shown (again alphabetically) together with their direct links. However as previously mentioned only US nationals can join.

  1. Australia
  2. Brazil
  3. Canada
  4. China
  5. Denmark
  6. Egypt
  7. France
  8. Guatemala
  9. Germany
  10. Iran

11. Indonesia
12. India
13. Iceland
14. Israel
15. Ireland
16. Japan
17. Kenya
18. Korea (North and South)
19. Mexico
20. Pakistan

21. Russia
22. Saudi Arabia
23. South Africa
24. Sudan (and South Sudan)
25. Turkey
26. Uganda
27. United Kingdom
28. Vietnam
29. Zambia

30  Zimbabwe

To locate any country team simple go to Facebook and type in search: CHRISTIANS IN (insert name of country) That should take you to the group which is identifiable because all country teams have their flags on.

Please Note CHRISTIANS IN..... may be in local languages, the predominant language of the country