Faith Ministries


Faith Ministries are an important part of Christian Warriors for God, altogether there are 37, these are then subdivided into 7 clusters for ease of use. These Ministries are highly focused on the Faith Ministries title topic, aiming for the quality of evangelism  rather than the  volume of its members. This is a direct result of our organizational market research with the emphasis being on posts relating to the title topic hence quality over quantity.

All Faith Ministries are highly focused speciality groups where any Christian can join irrespective of faith denomination, nationality or language. However, these ministries are tightly controlled so that the content of the ministry reflects both the title of the ministry or the “About Us” description in the groups.

Only posts directly related to the subject matter will be approved.

These groups are checked daily, you cannot join them unless you fully answer all the questions.

Each topic has different questions.

We have special security software on these groups.

This particular integrated division of our organisation is led by Evangelist Rubina, with Apostle Luwalalira Louis Livingstone  and Apostle Fredrick Ochieng. 


Details of all our 20 top Christian Faith Churches can be seen on our web page Associated Social Media.

Prayer Cluster

prayer and praying

Prayer and Praying Ministry

days of prayers

Days of Prayer

Christians in Prayer Ministry

Christians in Prayer

intercessory prayer

Intercessory Prayer for Others.

praying the holy spirt

Praying in the Holy Spirit

Bible Cluster

Christian Bible Study Ministry

Bible Study Ministry

Christian Bible Alpha to Omega

Bible from Alpha to Omega

(Complete Bible in a Year)

General Evangelism Cluster

introduction to Jesus

Introduction to Jesus Christ

When Jesus Touched Me

When Jesus Touched Me (Testimonies)

Preaching Ministry

Christian Preaching

Converting to Christianity

Converting to Christianity

Focused Faith Clusters

Christian Women's Ministry

Christian Women’s Ministry

Orphans and Children

Orphans and Children’s Ministry

Christian Youth For Jesus

Youth for Christ

Widows and Elderly

Widows and Elderly Ministry

Christain Marriage

Christian Marriage Ministry

Christians and the Persecuted Church

The Persecuted Church

Christians in Crisis

Christians in Crisis

Christians Against Domestic Abuse

Christians and Domestic Abuse

Professional and Specialist Cluster

Diploma in Pastor Training and Development

Diploma in Pastor Training and Development (Free Certified Programme)

Christian Theologians and Philosophy

Christian Theology and Philosophy

Christian Meditations with the Holy Spirit

Christian Meditations with the Holy Spirit

Christians and the Persecuted Church

Christians and Mental Health

Christians living with Addiction

Christians living with Addiction

Leadership Cluster

Christian Warriors for God

Christian Warriors for God Leadership Team (Only for Appointed Leaders)

Christian Warriors for God - Partners Team

Partner and Member Team

Affiliate and Foundation Church Ministry Leaders

Our Church Leaders (Only for Registered Churches)

Envangelists Pastors Revds and Bishops

Pastors Helping Pastors

Must Have Cluster

Welcome to Christian Warriors for God

Welcome to Christian Warriors for God (Induction for Newcomers)

Christian Praise.Music

Christian Praise and Worship Music

christian videos

Christian Videos

members and partners pictures

Members and Partners Pictures

Christians Seeking Charity

Christians Seeking Charity (Individual Appeals for Gifts)

Christian Upcoming Events

Christian Upcoming Events (Promoting Local Events)

Christians Worshiping Together

Christians Worshiping Together (Live Church Services on Video)