Partners, Policies and Organisation

Criteria for Joining as a Member

The only requirement for joining Christian Warriors for God is that you are a Christian or genuinely interested in becoming a Christian. If you meet these criteria, you are able to join any of our 600 Facebook groups, by simply finding the group you are interested in and apply. By joining you are then qualified as a member.

Please note you may be asked certain questions which you are required to answer. If you fail to answer these questions in full, you may not be approved into the group.

You can do as much, or as little as you wish.

Before joining us as a member you are considered a guest, but as such have no rights within the organisation.

For further questions as a guest, please speak to our founder however please note he will answer your questions and then usually pass you onto one of the leadership team.


Partners who wish to progress in the organisation can apply for senior partnership to be placed in Envoys Team or Ambassador Leaders training

This is the place we use to prepare partners for senior responsibilities.

This training should lead  promotion to Ambassador Leader which begins with managing a number of different countries in the world.

To discuss this further please speak to Leader Revd Margaret Velez Cruz (USA)


Individual Partners

To be an individual  partner, you must do the following 3 things:

(a) Be a member of your own country team. This is simple to do. Simply search Facebook for CHRISTIANS IN (insert name of country) it will be easily recognised by the national flag. Please note you can only join your own country team, not other nationals teams

(b) You must also become a member of at least 3 Faith and/or Faith Churches (or a combination of both). These ministries are highly focused on the group subject title and you will be required to answer special questions before approval.


To apply for individual partnership please answer the following 3 questions.

  • Have you joined your country team
  • What is your denomination
  • Please list the Faith or Faith Churches to which you belong






Once completed, or to clarify anything about individual partnership, return to Revd Margaret - 

Partner details are held on our register.

Partners get additional benefits to members, and our expectations of them are much higher. You can become a partner in 2 different way.

Finally, you can of course become a partner by joining Our Church Partners Full details and an application are available on the page within our website

Benefits of Partnership

Partnership is our key concept, it evokes thought of equality and fairness. Using the biblical principle of "reaping what we sow" the level of benefits accessible are related to both  your level and importantly your contribution to our vision.

Some of our 624 million souls have been with us 5 years yet never became partners, others have been with us 3 months and are in the Leaders team.

The more senior you are  the greater the benefits and the greater the opportunity for you to access them.

They have access to most of our 792 groups across all our social media.

Christian Warriors do not give financial support but engaged partners may be recipients of personal gifting

Leaders will provide partners with special support if they are seeking a specific goal

They are always the the first priority for deciding where Christian Warriors go on mission.

Partners have access to Bishop Peter for pastoral care, however all operational issues will be directed to the leadership team.

Partners are the root for Christian Warriors s seeking to identify, train and appoint leaders

Once appointed as a leader partners immediately join the Christian Warriors for God - Management and Leadership Team group.

It is in this group where key business information is circulated for discussion. This is a business chat group where the team is kept informed and contribute planning to achieving the vision.


Other Sources of Partners

Country Ambassadors

Leading and growing countries usually between 12 - 18 per Ambassador

Special Envoys

These are high contributing partners and have a special position of trust in Christian Warriors for God. All have pre-approval to post where they wish.

Portrait Of Multi-Generation Family Group On Winter Beach Vacation

Key Policies

Gifting Process

Christian Warriors for God are facilitating evangelists and not to be regarded as a source of money

Christian Warriors for God does not respond to begging and requests for gifting. However, individual partners may if they so wish make gifts to other partners. This is done on a strictly personal one to one basis where the giver  is directed through the Holy Spirit to bless others.

Structure of Christian Warriors

We have 5 levels of leadership and management

1 Partners and Special Envoys

These partners are usually high contributors, some have moderator status or at least are preapproved for all groups. They do not hold accountability.

2 Country Ambassadors

These are qualified moderators (having successfully been through our training) and are usually allocated responsibility and accountability for a number of country teams.

3 Leadership Team

This is the strategic planning group. It consists of the  founder, Bishop Peter, the Leader Revd Margaret Velez Cruz, 9 Divisional Heads covering 3 Divisions (2 - 4 joint heads per division)

This team also has an external theologian to advise and support but does not take part in the strategic decision-making.

5 Christian Warriors Board

This board comprises the Covenanted Partners who act as the Elders in a traditional church. Although final decisions will always be made by the leader, this special group is the source from which she draws wisdom.

The group will vote on issues of adding new Christian Warriors for God churches, approving new  covenant partners to our family, and will also discuss all issues of Christian integrity to ensure that the church is never compromised



This is a major new strategic initiative due to be up and running on 1st January 2022

The Federation is a separate entity to Christian Warriors for God, although Christian Warriors are members. It is the UK registered charity that exists to represent Pentecostals on the world stage.

There are no fees for membership and once accepted you will be placed on the role, (with your details on the website) Membership provides several advantages including if required certification of being part of the worldwide Pentecostal movement.

All partners are considered equal. The Federation is run through elected officers, this only includes a President, Vice President, and Board. Re-election to these roles takes place every 3 years by ballot.

If you are already in Christian Warriors for God as Our Partner Church partner, you will be assumed (unless you tell us to the contrary) to be a member. However, if you are not an existing partner please email Apostle Susan Whitlam – providing the following:

Name of Church(s)

Total Size of the congregation




Feel free to send up to 4 pictures which we may be able to utilize on the website.

Alternatively, if you wish to join the Federation please  (20+) Worldwide Pentecostal Federation | Facebook

This will keep you informed and updated with other members, however, we still require your details if you want to be shown on the website.

See www.worldwidepentecostal