The Organisation

The Leadership Team

The senior leadership team consists of 10 partners who all are heads of our 3 major divisions. their roles are strategic and all are involved in decision making.

  1. 1st World Countries
  2. Home Divisions
  3. Faith and Faith Churches

In addition, the leadership team is supported by Covenanted Partners (church board/elders)

There are two small divisions 137 other Countries and Our Partner churches

Country Ambassadors

These are considered senior partners and their role is to lead and manage 137 country teams. We have a Special Roving Ambassador for Our Partner Churches

bishop 1

Bishop Dr Peter Whitlam



Chair of Board

Chair of Charity Trustees

1st World Division - Divisional Head

Peter was a successful international business consultant and author who retired early when he received the Holy Spirit.

Peter estimates 80% of his time is in pure evangelism with the remainder being roles in networking and finance. He also is ultimately accountable for managing all our social media and ministers to the Christian Warriors for God Our Church,

As the founder, he also provides spiritual and pastoral care across the whole organization by being available to take calls 6 days a week between 9am and 5pm GMT. Calls are only taken with PARTNERS + 44 7881 684367

Peter is the outward face of the organization and deals with sponsors, suppliers, and other organizations. Given his workload (he is one of only 2  full-time unpaid volunteers in CWFG  He tends work closely with the Leader

He is a straight talker, keen to get to the point. Together with Dr Andrew Wittman he runs the ADAPT programme leading to formal ordination.

He is also currently Interim  President of the Worldwide Pentecostal Federation.


Evangelist Rubina

(Protected Country)

Faith and Faith Churches - Divisional Head

Rubina is a well educated woman of God. By profession she is a teacher. Together with her Pastor husband she runs a ministry particularly focused on orphans and  vulnerable children. 

Her passion for saving  souls is demonstrated through her boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Rubina is currently completing the Diploma leading to ordination

Together with Apostles Frederick and Samuel, she is responsible for 45 focussed aspects of faith together with the church denominations. This division is generally acknowledged for its quality of Christian posts, rather than the quantity.


Apostle Fredrick Ochieng


Faith and Faith Churches - Divisional Head.

Fredrick Ochieng Dacho, is a34yrs old Kenyan, married with two children and three foster children.

Originally appointed as a  Country Ambassador he was swiftly elevated to his current role. His love for the Lord is self-evident.

Kenya is a strong country in Christian Warriors for God Frederick has his own ministry as a leader which supports orphans, vulnerable children, and poor widows with the provision of sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

samuel 2

Evangelist Samuel Ochele


Home Division - Divisional Head

Samuel is a highly active Christian revivalist in his home country

Originally he was appointed as a Country Ambassador but his level of commitment and zeal to the Lord saw him recently elevated to his current role where he ensures quality posts only are permitted.

His personal interest is in church planting and he is given a role to plant churches for Christian Warriors for God in all countries.

Happily married and blessed with children


Apostle Luwalalita Louis Livingstone 


Faith and faith Churches - Divisional Head

Louis Livingstone Luwalalira has been in ministry from the age of  21. He and his wife Mariam Luwalalira are blessed with 4  children.

Since coming to the Lord 15 years ago he has been a faithful servant working in various ministries teaching the Gospel . Currently he  serves the Lord as a lead pastor at DaySpring Church, Lecturer at Joshua Nations Bible school of Ministry, and Lecturer at Christ Faith Ministries Ministerial University based in UK

Louis has a strong teaching grace and pastoral anointing.

He is a conference speaker and a revivalist with the demonstration of the Holy Ghost power.

He has impacted many with his healing gifts accompanied by the Word of Knowledge and the prophetic grace.

And has a burning passion of raising the fivefold gifts.


Apostle Susan Whitlam


PA to Founder

Charity Trustee

1st World Countries - Divisional Head

Susan works full time as a manager of the elderly in a nursing home caring for the dying. However, she contributes highly to CWFG.

As a personal assistant, she works closely with Peter, supporting him in a broad variety of leadership and management tasks. Her role as a trustee makes her the major contact with the UK Charities Commission

Susan and Peter are also major benefactors.

Susan runs the Introduction to Jesus programme and the Christian Warriors for God Church – Sunday School.

With high technical IT competence, she is the "go to woman" for issues of problems with technology.

Artistic by nature, she has responsibility for managing many of our graphics.  Likewise she is first reserve for making changes to websites.

Strong in faith, she is a spiritual mentor to several partners and truly demonstrates her Christian values by her faith and deeds.


Revd Margaret Velez Cruz



1st World Countries - Divisional Head

Margaret assumes day-to-day management and leadership of Christian Warriors for God, obviously working closely with Peter. In addition, she has the responsibility of managing our 25 1st World Countries. She is also responsible for recruiting/selecting applicants as Ambassadors 

Margaret has been with us since the beginning, a hard-working faithful servant of God who was recently ordained. She is also the first point of contact for those seeking a partnership.

A strong woman of God, her evangelism is prolific across the whole organization.


Senior Pastor Dr Andrew Wittman


Elder - Mentor to Founder

Andrew began life with parents who were missionaries but went on to a career in the US Marines, Police and a Federal Agent before pastoring his own church.

With a doctorate in Theology, Andrew originally joined Christian Warriors for God as the lead tutor for our Diploma in Pastor Training and Development. His contribution has been so strong, he was appointed as an elder. Primarily this role is across the organisation, but Peter uses him widely for council when he is dealing with changellenging moral or Christian issues.

A very strong evangelist, Andrew contributes across all our groups. He contribution is held in high esteem across the organisation.



Any Partner can become a Covenant Partner

Like many traditional churches, Christian Warriors for God has a church board, in many ways this board acts like Elders. Covenant Partners form our church board. The powers and policies related to its purpose are listed below.

To become covenanted, Partners are required to apply to the founder Bishop Dr Peter who after interview puts their case before the board If elected and found suitable they swear an oath on the bible before God. This is witnessed by others.

The oath is to totally commit themselves in service to Christian Warriors for God and the great commission, it also includes promises regarding their Christian conduct.


To maintain the moral Christian integrity of the church, through wise counsel to the leader, particularly related to specific issues.


woman praying

Ambassadors and Special Envoys

Christian Warriors for God has thousands of partners, the small list below just acknowledges some of our high contributors.

Ambassadors have specific leadership roles wheras Special Envoys are noted for their high levels and quality of their contributions.

  1. Revd Ada Dominic (Cameroon)
  2. Apostle Joy
  3. Revd Ezelina
  4. Apostle Yana
  5. Apostle Emmanuel
  6. Apostle Murphy

There are still 3 vacancies for these roles

Special Envoys

Special Envoys do not hold specific leadership roles but are acknowledged for their major contributions across the organization.

  1. Evangelist John Harold (Australia)
  2. Evangelist Michael Allen (USA)
  3. Apostle Randall Brewer (USA)
  4. Apostle Vicky Juga (UK)
  5. Bishop Geofrey (Malawi)
  6. Pastor Cecilia Brochere (Kenya)