Social Media and Faith Denominations



This page has both the details of our Associated Social Media groups as well as our Faith Church Denominations.

The 3 Associated Social Media Division groups are operated on similar principles to our Facebook groups, however joining these groups does not qualify you as are partner. This is  simply because  these groups are accessible to everyone/

The founder, Bishop Dr Peter personally leads these groups

WhatsApp Groups

Christian Warriors for God has 20 WhatsApp groups primarily for sharing the faith, yet each has a special purpose. These are not chat rooms.

Being a member of these groups qualifies you as a member of the world’s biggest evangelism church charity, however if you wish to become a partner, please join in accordance with our policies

Please join as many or few as you wish, however do appreciate that we will manage all  groups professionally and they are not forums just for chat, but serious sharing of faith. Indisciple will not be tolerated, initially you will be cautioned and if repeated removed. Our God is worthy.

Generic Groups

Founder Bishop Dr Peter

Bishop Dr Peter Blog

Christian Warriors for God

Father God

Jesus Christ

Holy Spirit


Faith Groups

Hello  Christian Warriors (Welcome)

Prayers - Self and Others

The Bible – Words of God

Preaching – The Word of God

The Persecuted Church

Christian Warrior Women (Women Only)

Widows and Orphans

Christian Youth Team

Christians Need Charity

Members Pictures and Videos


Messenger Groups (20 groups)

CHRISTIAN WARRIORS FOR GOD (6 Open groups for general evangelism)

Christian Warriors for God

Christian Warriors for God UK Church Charity – Evangelism

(20+) Messenger | Facebook

Father God

Jesus Christ

Holy Spirit

(20+) Messenger | Facebook

Faith and Deeds

(20+) Messenger | Facebook


FAITH MINISTRIES (9 focused faith page groups)

Bible Study

(20+) Messenger | Facebook

Prayers and Praying

(20+) Messenger | Facebook

Christian Preaching

(20+) Messenger | Facebook

Preaching Gods Word

(20+) Messenger | Facebook

Persecuted Christians

(20+) Messenger | Facebook

Christian Pictures and Video

(20+) Messenger | Facebook

Christians Seeking Charity

(20+) Messenger | Facebook

Christians in the United States of America

(20+) Messenger | Facebook

Christians in Europe

Facebook Pages (20 linked to Messenger)

Christian Warriors for God UK Church Charity – Evangelism

Christian Warriors for God – Church

Bishop Dr Peter James – Blog

Gifting Wanted for Christian Charity

(20+) Gifting Wanted for Christian Charity | Facebook

Christians Seeking Charity

Holy Bible – Words of God

(20+) Holy Bible - Words of God | Facebook

The Bible – Alpha to Omega

Christian Theology

Preaching Gods Word

(20+) Preaching - Gods Word | Facebook

Prayers and Praying – Talking to God

(20+) Prayers and Praying - Talking to God | Facebook

Christian Women

The Persecuted Church

(20+) The Persecuted Church | Facebook

Converting to Christianity

Christ Reigns in the United States of America

(20+) Christianity Today in the USA | Facebook

Christianity in Europe

(17) Christians and Churches in the Western World | Facebook

Christ Alive in Africa

Christianity in Asia

Jesus Christ in the Middle East

Christianity in the Far East

Denominational Faith Churches (20 FaceBook groups)

As Christian Warriors for God grew it became noticeable that many partners wanted groups specifically related to their own faith.

After considerable research, we identified that the classifications fall into Catholicism and Protestantism.

Consequently, we found 3 major Catholicism churches whilst under Protestantism there were countless variations. To avoid complete confusion we have identified the major Protestant churches and have listed them in what we identified as their natural alliances and allegiances of practice.

All our churches are open to non-adherents

Anyone from other denominational faiths can join any denominational faith church group on the understand and the agreement to treat that particular church faith with dignity and respect, this can be achieved by not promoting your own faith rituals or doctrines in churches other than your own denominational faith.

Strict monitoring and special security measures are placed in these churches. All figures shown are at 1st January 2021 and have a + or – deviation of 3%. These media groups are monitored by Bishop Dr Peter.

51% Catholicism (1.329 billion approx. total)

The (Roman) Catholic Church

The Eastern Orthodox Church

The Oriental Orthodox Church

Protestant Church

49% Protestantism (1 billion approx. total)

The Worldwide Modern Protestant (Reformed) Churches

Pentecostal Church

Pentecostalism (280 million)

The Worldwide Pentecostal Churches

The Worldwide Evangelical/Pentecostal Churches

The Worldwide Evangelical Church

Anglican Cathedral

Anglicanism (110 million)

The Worldwide Anglican (Episcopal) Church

The Worldwide Episcopal Churches

Baptist Church

Other Major Protestant Churches (386 million)

The Worldwide Baptist Church

The Worldwide Lutheran Church

Non-Denominational Free Protestant Churches (100 million)

Christian Warriors for God – Our Church.

Calvinism (80 million)

The Worldwide Calvinist and Reformed Churches

The Worldwide Presbyterian Church

Methodism (80 million)

The Worldwide Methodist Church

The Worldwide Wesleyan Churches

The Worldwide Anabaptists Church

The Worldwide Salvation Army


There is a good deal of controversy regarding the Jesus Christ Church of Latter-Day Saints. They do qualify in our major churches, which are generally acknowledged as having high numbers of adherents. However Christian Warriors for God found LDS missionaries entering our major churches to espouses their theories. With concerns of apostasy and false teaching in traditional churches; a decision was made to give them their own platform, however, in this small group there can be considered vigorous debate.

Latter-Day Saints